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We have a variety of lipids in our portfolio to meet any customer needs. These substances are highly stable lipids, produced and purified from ancient, extremophilic microorganisms in scalable processes according to QbD guidelines. To enhance the power of our lipids we also chemically modify them to tune their properties for improved encapsulation, increased efficacy and specific targeting.
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Explore why top-tier companies like Boehringer Ingelheim and Evonik trust our expertise. Take the first step towards achieving your goals by reaching out to us today. Let's collaborate to drive your success forward!
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Our services – Contract development

Each API needs individual treatment. Therefore, we support our customers in product development to get their product ready for market. We offer formulation development and we deliver material for in vitro/in vivo studies and clinical trials. We supply tailor made lipids based on a tetraether backbone, according to our customer's needs.
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