Our Approach

NovoArc’s Tetratether lipids

NovoArc uses an extremophilic archaeon for the production of their lipids. These organisms grow under extreme environmental conditions – at low pH and high temperatures. To sustain such a harsh environment, evolution guided these organisms to develop very robust cell walls. The inherent stability is drawn from ether linkages of saturated phytane chains, that withstand hydrolytic as well enzymatic cleavage. Furthermore, the carbon chain backbone’s saturated nature contributes to its excellent resistance towards oxidation. Compared to conventional natural or synthetic lipids, whose (un)saturated carbon chains are interlaced by ester bonds, tetraether lipids outmatch conventional lipids in oxidative, hydrolytic (pH 1.0 – 10.0), thermal (>140°C) and enzymatic stability. These superior properties allow tetraether lipids to withstand the environment of the gastrointestinal tract (pH, enzymes and bile salts) and make them an attractive alternative for the delivery of different API’s.

A continuous biotechnological production process

NovoArc leads a patented, biotechnological process for the continuous production of their lipids. It is a welldefined, controllable, reproducible and scalable process, developed according to Quality by Design guidelines.


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